Initial Low Number Auction December 4th - 21st, 2015


MASSDOT has given the Nonprofit Sponsor and the Nantucket License Plate Committee the opportunity to hold a series of auctions for low and special number plates. All net proceeds will benefit the nonprofit sponsor and the  nonprofit partners. A listing of these organizations is below.


Beginning December 4th at noon, low number plates within the range of NI 11 - 99 will be auctioned via our auction website ( ). The auction will close at 8pm on December 21st, 2015.


Please go to the auction website to register to bid.


The opening bid for all plates in this auction is $1,000. Each plate in the auction features a "Buy It Now" button, which can be utilized to win the auction for that particular plate. The Buy It Now price for each plate in this initial auction is $5,000.


Winning bid amounts are tax deductible to the winning bidder, less a small amount reflecting the cost for the state to produce the plate (e.g., $12).


Winning bidders will have to pay the standard $20 swap fee to the state when picking up their low number plates.


Winning bidders will receive their plates within approximately 60 days of when the auction closes on December 21st and payment of the winning bid is received in full.


Plates not receiving a minimum opening bid will be repurposed or auctioned again at a later date.


The Nantucket License Plate Committee reserves the right to not include particular numbers within the NI 11 - 99 range in this auction.


Single-digit and Special Number Auctions - Spring & Summer 2016


Beginning in the Spring of 2016, plates NI 1 - 7, NI 9 - 10, and plates NI 202, 203, 212, 228, 257, 508, 617, 888 and 1659 will be auctioned over a series of special events. Details of when and where these plates will be available will be posted in advance here at this website.


Auction Beneficiaries:


All proceeds will go to benefit the nonprofit partners and the nonprofit sponsor for their programs that benefit Island children. These organizations include:


A Safe Place

Children's House of Nantucket

Community Foundation for Nantucket

Family & Children's Services

First Congregational Church

Friends of Nantucket Public Schools

MY Nantucket

Nantucket Booster Club

Nantucket Boys & Girls Club

Nantucket Community Music Center

Nantucket Community Sailing

Nantucket Dreamland Foundation

Nantucket Ice

Nantucket Lighthouse School

Nantucket New School

Small Friends on Nantucket

Strong Wings Adventure School

St. Mary, Our Lady of the Isle Catholic Church

Unitarian Universalist Meeting House


Important Notice


If you applied for a Nantucket License Plate originally, it is very important that you pick up this original plate, even if you are considering bidding in the low number auction. The Nantucket License Plate effort will not get credit from the state for plates not picked up.



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